Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes/SoupPlantation

My husband and I love to go to Sweet Tomatoes…their food is healthful, tasteful, fresh, beautifully arranged, and a host of other wonderful adjectives that could be used to describe the food. Read a great review of Sweet Tomatoes and enter to win 2 free dinner passes at http://joansproductreviewsandgiveaways.blogspot.com/


Think Fun Game

My grandchildren all go through the time that they love playing games with grandma and I enjoy the times of playing and interacting with them. The Think Fun Bug Trails game is all that a game for the younger set should be–not too complex, not too long and most importantly, fun! Jamies Precious Peas is currently hosting a giveaway for this game and you may use the following link to the giveaway site

Win $50 to “pay it forward”

A Happy Hippy Mom is hosting one of the $50 Pamper’s “Pay it forward” giveaways. What a great type of giveaway to have. Think of all the people that will be blessed through these giveaways. You can use the following link to the giveaway site. http://www.ahappyhippymom.com/2011/05/pampers-little-miracle-mission-pay-it-forward-50-giveaway.html#comment-66757

Win $50 to help someone

What a great giveaway! If you win, you have money that you can use to help someone. Pampers is sponsoring this giveaway on several blogs. You can use the following link to Cakeblast, the giveaway site where I just entered http://cakeblast.com/giveaways/giveaway-50-amex-gc-pampers-little-miracles/#comment-45002

$200 or a Veggie Kit

One winner will receive a $200 GC and two winners will receive a veggie kit. To Enter:
Visit Country Crock on Facebook and check out what recipes you like and then go back to Mom start and share which recipe you like the most. There are a few other entries available after you have done that. Use the following link to the giveaway site:

Get a free practical e-book

There is only one winner for the $100 GC but we all be winners of the free e-book. From the website:
101 Ways to Make More Money
This eBook not only provides 101 different ideas for making more money, but it is organized in such a way that you can easily find the ideas you’re looking for!
Here are the different sections of this book:
•Online Money
•Money on the Street
•Roll Up Your Sleeves
•Sell, Sell, Sell
•Use Your Expertise
•Selling Your Skills
•Extra Jobs
•Making Money With Your Property
•Referral and Promotional Money
Plus, not only does this book provide you with various types of money making ideas, but it will also give you the links to get you started in your venture immediately!

Use the following link to the site:http://lifeandmyfinances.com/2011/05/new-ebook-win-a-gift-card-worth-100/#comment-7806

Win from Pro Flowers

Pro Flowers is a great place to get beautiful fresh flowers…right from the grower to you! You can win some of these beautiful flowers for yourself or a loved one at Tales from Tammy Lyne. Use the following link to the giveaway site: